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If your short or long term disability insurance is provided through your employer, disputes about your claim are most likely governed by the federal law known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act ("ERISA"). In most cases this means your remedies are limited and the rules and regulations for pursuing those remedies are much different, and more restrictive, than you would expect. While ERISA-governed claims are supposed to be evaluated by administrators in a non-adversarial way, they frequently are not. The perils and pitfalls awaiting unrepresented ERISA claimants leaves most exposed to a denial which cannot be reversed in court because of the unusual rules applicable to litigating such cases.

The law firm of Shook & Johnson provides experienced representation to clients with ERISA-governed claims for short and long term disability benefits. We understand how financially devastating a sudden illness or disability can be, and that obtaining and insuring the continued receipt of disability benefits is critically important to your well-being. However, we also know that obtaining and keeping benefits can be very difficult. Our firm provides assistance to clients with employer-provided short and long term disability insurance. We offer experienced guidance, including:

  • Explaining what ERISA is and how it works;
  • Explaining your short and long term disability policies;
  • Preparing and filing claims for benefits;
  • Appealing claim denials or benefit terminations; and Litigating to recover short and long term disability benefits.

Our firm is committed to providing you exceptional representation. We provide nationwide representation for claimants during the time they exhaust their administrative remedies, i.e., appeal to directly to the administrator over a claim denial or benefit termination. If litigation becomes necessary, we are licensed to practice in the state and federal courts of Oklahoma, but representation of clients residing outside of Oklahoma may be accomplished by association with local counsel licensed to practice in the state where the suit is to be brought.

Our lawyers have years of experience helping disability claimants against Hartford, Prudential, MetLife, CIGNA, Life Insurance Company of North America, UNUM, Standard Insurance, Aetna, Principal Financial, Jefferson Pilot, and Lincoln National to name a few. For a no-obligation free initial consultation, please call (877) 293-1122 to speak with our experienced ERISA lawyers. We will be happy to discuss your case.

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